India is all set to be the 3rd largest aviation market by 2020, this clearly speaks for a great boom in aviation careers in the future. Owing to globalization, the world is steadily being transformed into a global village. In such an interconnected scenario, the aviation industry plays quite a crucial role mainly because it provides for the fastest way of connecting two different points on the globe to each other. With new developments in the field of technology, the aviation industry promises to be a lucrative option both as a career and as a field which would generate substantial revenue for the Indian economy.
Aviation, is both evolving and fast growing for the whole world in general and India in particular. Handling over 2.5 billion passengers and close to 100 airlines flying their aircrafts in the Indian sky, the current openings in aviation haven’t seen a brighter period, in the Indian economic history. This industry works for two purposes, military and commercial; both of which seem to quite a lot of airline careers, up for grabs among the young and ambitious.
When it comes to the military side of it, there are quite a lot of airline jobs available especially under the government. You have the Indian Air Force, The Naval Air Force, and The Indian Coastal Guard Aviation and so on. Participating in military operations, working for the government is both a courageous and a prestigious job for the aviation aspirants. The commercial side is considered to be one of the most attractive ones, when it comes to aviation careers. With airlines connecting more than 80 cities of the country, there are quite a number of current openings in aviation as well as a great demand to meet the future needs of the industry.

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