According to the World Bank’s Report, the Indian economy is soon going to achieve almost 7.0% of growth rate in financial terms in the coming years. In spite of facing some major and minor setbacks, the economy worth 2.5 trillion dollars shows quite a lot of promise for some great growth and development. The one sector at the heart of the economy of our country is the banking sector. This sector has been responsible for the steady growth of the economy even during major testing times especially in the global economic sectors and the crisis that they all went through.
The banking sector could be divided in to investment banking and commercial banking on a narrow scale and private banking and the Reserve Bank of India on a broader scale. The fact remains that the industry is quite in favour of more and more development and profit oriented schemes, for the growth of its clients. With the government implementing great schemes which work towards the financial inclusion of all the sectors of the society, it is quite possible for that rapid economic growth soon becomes a reality for all to see.
Currently the economic hub of the country, Mumbai and the other metropolitan cities like Kolkata house a number of private banks, which currently have many openings in the banking sector. As the vacancies in private banks increase, so do the number of job openings for both freshers and for those who would be interested in the opportunities to work in the back office. This is why this seems to be an opportune time for those considering this as a serious career option, to make the most of this scenario. The major boost is the governmental schemes which in turn opened up a lot of opportunities of growth and development for the banking infrastructure and thereby the demand for more and more professionals here.

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